Achieving Extraordinary Success through Resilience


Welcome to the world of Jonathan Christian – the business coach with a spark!

Get ready for a transformative adventure where success becomes your middle name, guided by Jonathan’s wealth of business expertise and infectious enthusiasm and encouragement.

Picture this: you want to embark on a journey that will turbocharge your business and skyrocket your revenue. But you realize you can’t do it alone.

No worries! With Jonathan by your side, consider yourself armed with a secret weapon for success. He’s walked in your shoes and created a journey of success.

Jonathan’s coaching style is like having a chat with your best buddy – warm, friendly, and sprinkled with humor. He knows the ins and outs of the business world, and he’s here to share his insights, strategies, and hilarious anecdotes that’ll keep you motivated and smiling through the ups and downs and also hold you accountable to make sure you reach your full potential

Jonathan is all about building unshakeable resilience and driving mind-blowing success.



Born into a second-generation family business that thrived in an island community where reputation was held in the highest regard, Jonathan learned the invaluable lessons of integrity and trust from an early age. His father instilled in him the values of unwavering customer service, loyalty, honor, and the power of a handshake.

Transitioning from a cherished mom-and-pop shop to a multinational corporation, Jonathan discovered first-hand that regardless of the marketing budget, success ultimately hinges on the relationships we cultivate. Jonathan embraced the philosophy that treating people exceptionally well is the heart of any thriving enterprise.

With a rich background and extensive experience, Jonathan brings a unique blend of family business legacy, multinational expertise, and a genuine passion for helping others unleash their full potential.


Jonathan’s resilience story is one of embracing the lessons learned from challenging times and turning them into opportunities for growth.

Jonathan understands firsthand that setbacks can happen unexpectedly, such as his near fatal car accident that disrupted his ability to work for nearly a year. However, even in the face of adversity, he seized the opportunity to learn new skills and embrace Napoleon Hill’s wisdom that every setback presents a chance for advancement.

Rather than allowing hardships to define him, Jonathan chose to see them as gifts and transform them into something remarkable. He believes that such life-changing experiences are opportunities for personal growth and provides valuable insights that can be leveraged in business.


Jonathan’s mission – it’s rooted in his own incredible journey of resilience. He’s passionate about making a positive impact on your life, empowering you to unleash your full potential and create awe-inspiring success.

With unwavering commitment and a genuine desire to see you thrive, Jonathan’s mission is to equip you with all the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts and tricks you need to navigate this ever-changing terrain.

Whether you’re looking to dominate the online world, amp up your marketing strategies, or gain invaluable insights into overall business management, Jonathan is your go-to guy.

Let Jonathan Christian’s Resilient Business Coaching be your compass, leading you to those business goals and leaving a legacy of resilience, growth, and unbeatable achievements.

Get ready to conquer the world, one brilliant business move at a time!



Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with Jonathan’s coaching approach that’s as dynamic and inspiring as a blazing firework display! He’s a power-packed blend of resilience, empathy, business savvy, and a holistic mindset that lays the foundation for your remarkable transformation.

Integrity, authenticity, and a strong Christian spiritual foundation are the shining stars that ignite his coaching passion.

With Jonathan as your trusted guide, prepare to embrace the exhilarating twists and turns of your personal and professional growth as you soar to new heights.

It’s time to radiate brilliance and light up the sky with your success!



Mari Smith

Internationally Renowned Keynote Speaker and Author.

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Jonathan Christian for well over a decade, and he stands out as a genuine and remarkable trailblazer. His dedication to clients often goes beyond his agency's digital marketing services, and he encourages and mentors them with solid strategies that work and that deliver real, lasting results. I've always admired his dedication to clients and know that his business and resilience advice meet the highest standards.

Jonathan Christian