Giving Back

So, my friends, in the week that I became a Canadian citizen, there’s nothing more patriotic than giving back. So, quite literally, I am giving back to my fellow citizens. Canadian Blood Services here in Abbotsford has a bespoke plasma centre, which is top-notch!

It’s early on a Saturday morning, and I’m able to give back. 840ml in fact of plasma to help people with a lot of different diseases, such as cancer, nervous system disorders, bleeding disorders, newborn babies, burns, kidney disease, organ transplants, chickenpox, measles, surgeries, immune deficiencies, and red blood disorders. 

So, as much as it’s good to take, it’s much better to give. Whether it’s time or money or plasma or blood or anything you can do to make life better for people around you, you should do that.  

Let them know what you do to give back

Jonathan Christian donating plasma

Jonathan Christian | The Resilient Business Coach™
Jonathan Christian