Time Blocking

Mapping out my calendar, for today. Typically, what I do on a weekend is I write myself, a series of lists that I need to do to be ready for Monday. So I don’t necessarily work on a Sunday, but I work on myself to be ready for Monday.

My process is that I do some serious time blocking, so that I have the right time and the right energy that works for my body and mind to get stuff done. I don’t typically take appointments on a Monday morning. I don’t take appointments on a Friday afternoon because that’s a #dateday with my wife, and then the rest of the week is all blocked out. That way, I control my week.

My week does not control me. When I’m traveling, I open up my calendar to give me better hours. So sometimes, like right now, my calendar finishes at 4 PM because I’m in British Columbia. If I were in Asia, it would be closing at midnight just because of the time zones where I could potentially be working with people.

Jonathan Christian on his work computer

So my tip to you today is if you don’t control your day, your day will control you.

So just think about time blocking and also, you know, be flexible with these time blocks. One of the great things with calendars is you can drag those boxes, expand them, and shrink them. So, if you don’t get it done, don’t beat yourself up. Just reschedule it. Don’t let it go by!

Schedule time for yourself.

Schedule time for sales calls.

Schedule time for thinking, meeting, reading, exercise, lunch breaks.

Put all of those into your calendars because you need that time for yourself.

And when you put boundaries up, people will respect those boundaries. When you have a wide open calendar and you just say, yep, I can help anybody. You know, I, you know, I have clients. Yeah. Yeah. Anybody I can help. Yep. It’s too broad.

So narrow your niche. We’ll talk about that another day as to who your ideal client actually is, but also narrow your availability – that’s a key strategy.

Because as I say, when you put boundaries in place, people will respect those boundaries. And that’s how I do it.

This is a glimpse into my  mindset of how I do stuff. And, of course, always learning. So that’s how I do it. That’s what I do. I’d, I’d love to hear how you block out your day.

Jonathan Christian | The Resilient Business Coach™
Jonathan Christian